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Wednesday 17th

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The Little Witch 

TIX AT VENUE ONLY 10:30am 103mins

The Little Witch brings to life the whimsical magic of Otfried Preussler’s beloved children’s book in this stunning live-action adaptation.


Dying to Live 

Plus: Panel Discussion + Film: Dying to Live

TIX AT VENUE ONLY 1:00pm 93mins

Dying to Live is a riveting documentary that delves into life on the organ donation waiting list and how it feels when the only thing standing between you and death is the kindness of a stranger.


TIX AT VENUE ONLY 6:00pm 120mins

American Western tropes — lone figures arriving amid frontier tensions — are redeployed by director Valeska Grisebach onto a Bulgarian village whose inhabitants are suspicious of the newly arrived camp of German construction workers.


SOLD OUT 6:00pm 121mins

Japanese auteur Hirokazu Koreeda’s Palme d’Or–winning film is a warm and moving depiction of a makeshift family living on the outskirts of society.


SOLD OUT 6:00pm 105mins

Shown in all their humour and horror, Australian cinema and political footage are remixed into the fast-paced, politically outspoken road movie TERROR NULLIUS.



TIX AT VENUE ONLY 6:00pm 60mins

BIFF and Brisbane Powerhouse present a unique season of performance by UK theatre, merging live theatre with virtual reality. 


TIX AT VENUE ONLY 6:15pm 70mins

From coded looks to dance parties, the HIV/AIDS crisis and legal landmarks, this exhilarating film is a bittersweet celebration of queer life.

A Man of Integrity 

TIX AT VENUE ONLY 7:00pm 117mins

Writer-director Mohammad Rasoulof has been increasingly critical of the Iranian system, which he describes as a profoundly sick structure, and his A Man of Integrity is scathing.

The Seen and Unseen 

TIX AT VENUE ONLY 7:00pm 120mins

When the deep bond between twin sister and brother Tantri and Tantra is shaken because of Tantra’s serious illness, Tantri’s attempt to stay close to her brother becomes a hauntingly beautiful and artistic experience.


TIX AT VENUE ONLY 7:45pm 82mins

Banned in its home country Kenya for its lesbian romance, Rafiki is the tale of the burgeoning love between Kena (Samantha Mugatsia) and Ziki (Sheila Munyiva).

Island of the Hungry Ghosts 

TIX AT VENUE ONLY 8:00pm 94mins

Director Gabrielle Brady provides an unprecedented look at offshore detention in her remarkable and lyrical documentary which follows the life of Poh Lin Lee, a trauma therapist on Christmas Island.

Cold Water 

TIX AT VENUE ONLY 8:20pm 92mins

‘Cold Water is one of the great missing films, a nearly unknown tour de force by Olivier Assayas. If it had ever been properly released, it would certainly be considered one of Olivier’s masterpieces.’ — Janus Films President, Peter Becker



TIX AT VENUE ONLY 8:30pm 60mins

BIFF and Brisbane Powerhouse present a unique season of performance by UK theatre, merging live theatre with virtual reality. 

In My Room 

8:30pm 120mins

Ulrich Köhler’s Cannes-premiering In My Room is an atmospheric piece of modern German cinema in which a layabout cameraman finds himself totally alone on the planet after a mysterious apocalyptic event.