Backtrack Boys

Director: Catherine Scott 2018 100 Minutes Ages 15+
Backtrack Boys Mon 15 Oct
TIX AT VENUE ONLY 06:00pm 100mins Reading Cinemas Newmarket
Backtrack Boys Sat 20 Oct
TIX AT VENUE ONLY 10:30am 100mins The Elizabeth Picture Theatre

Jackaroo Bernie Shakeshaft provides troubled kids the possibility of a brighter future with unorthodox teaching methods and deep care for the boys as they run a legendary dog-jumping team.

‘Juvie’ is too often the future for kids who are haunted by backgrounds touched by violence, poverty, drugs and crime. This inspiring documentary follows the turbulent trio Zach, Alfie and Rusty through an unusual yet effective youth program on the edges of Armidale, NSW. Run by Shakeshaft and his pack of dogs, BackTrack teaches kids the benefits of self-discipline and enables them to set their sights on a future beyond the incarceration system. Considerate to its subjects, the film gently captures how these kids – whom others have given up on – have the capacity to build trust and support for one another.


Classification:Ages 15+
Director:Catherine Scott
Producer:Catherine Scott
Program strand:Documentaries
Rights:Umbrella Entertainment