Combat Obscura

Director: Miles Lagoze 2018 67 Minutes Ages 18+
Combat Obscura Sun 14 Oct
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Combat Obscura Sat 20 Oct
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Composed entirely of footage shot by director Miles Lagoze during his time as a combat camera operator in the Marine Corps, Combat Obscura is a powerful portrait of life on the ground for American marines in Afghanistan.

While Lagoze’s official role was to compile material for use in Marine recruiting videos, this documentary showcases what didn’t make those more sanitised depictions of war: the banality, the gallows humour, and the ruinous violence. The film is riveting and revealing in equal measure; it is a view from the inside that looks at a war growing increasingly opaque and futile as the film goes on. Staggering in its honesty and thoughtful in its form, Combat Obscura is a major new contribution to the war cinema canon.

Please note: this documentary contains scenes of real-life violence.



Classification:Ages 18+
Director:Miles Lagoze
Producer:Miles Lagoze
Program strand:Documentaries
Rights:Miles Lagoze