Following the screening of Brazen Hussies, join our panel as they discuss how the vital history of the women’s liberation movement provides a platform for examining ways that the feminist movement and grassroots activism will continue to grow and expand its horizons. Host and Documentary filmmaker Trish Lake is joined by Brazen Hussies director Catherine Dwyer, Emeritus Professor Carole Ferrier, University of Queensland, an activist since the 1970s and founding editor of one of the first second-wave feminist journals Hecate: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Women’s Liberation alongside Lauren Appo, proud Mamu woman from Innisfail with strong links to Goreng Goreng Mobs on her Mother’s side. She is a podcaster, community ambassador and champion for Aboriginal Authors, women of colour and black narratives.

Get your tickets to: Brazen Hussies (90 mins) screening with panel discussion (45 mins) on Saturday 3 October at 1.30pm at the State Library of Queensland.