FILM + PANEL DISCUSSION: Ningla A-na & GOMA’s exhibition ‘Welcome to Colour Television’


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists have engaged with screen culture for over 50 years as a way to connect audiences with Indigenous issues and address mis/representation within the medium and society more broadly. QAGOMA exhibition ‘Welcome to Colour Television’ celebrates a powerful selection of Indigenous Australian video art from the Gallery’s collection that embodies those aspirations. Following a screening of Ningla A-Na: Hungry for Land 1972 join featured artists Richard Bell and Vernon Ah Kee in conversation with Sophia Sambono, Acting Assistant Curator, Indigenous Australian Art, QAGOMA, to explore the roles of art and protest in political activism.

Get your tickets to: Ningla A-Na: Hungry for Land  (72 mins) screening with panel discussion (45 mins) on Sunday 11 October at 1.00pm at the Australian Cinémathèque GOMA.