FILM + PANEL DISCUSSION: The Painter and the Thief


What responsibilities does an artist have towards their subject when revealing their vulnerabilities to the world? What about documentary filmmakers and the people, culture, and places they capture?

Following a screening of the acclaimed new documentary The Painter and the Thief, and inspired by its powerful portrayal of the shifting power dynamics between a painter and their muse, this panel discussion explores the ethics of representing a subject and the complex relationships that happen behind the scenes. Join visual artist Vernon Ah Kee, Dr Peter Hegedus, Director/Producer of BIFF 2019’s Lili and Deputy Director (Research & Engagement), Griffith Film School and Professor Susan Best, art historian and Professor of Art Theory and Fine Art, Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, for a robust discussion on these fascinating dynamics. Moderated by Ellie Buttrose, Curator, Contemporary Australian Art, QAGOMA.

Panel Discussion will be livestreamed into Cinema B.

Get your tickets to: The Painter and the Thief (102 mins) screening with panel discussion (45 mins) on Saturday 10 October at 10.30am at the Australian Cinémathèque GOMA.