Flight of a Bullet

Director: Beata Bubenec 2017 80 Minutes Ages 18+
Flight of a Bullet Mon 15 Oct
TIX AT VENUE ONLY 07:45pm 80mins Australian Cinémathèque GOMA
Flight of a Bullet Sat 20 Oct
TIX AT VENUE ONLY 04:30pm 80mins Australian Cinémathèque GOMA

Across a single unbroken take, Flight of a Bullet captures the ethical minefield of documentary filmmaking within the quickly changing contexts of a conflict zone.

Director Beata Bubenec took 400 hours of footage during two weeks embedded with the Ukrainian volunteer military group Aidar Battalion in the hotly contested Donbass region. Suspecting that a Ukranian man who questions the director’s right to be filming is a separatist, the group — against Bubenec’s wishes — capture and interrogate him. From the fast-paced capture and tense interrogation to the mundane aspects of battalion life, this documentary provides a unique insight into the role of the eyewitness.



Classification:Ages 18+
Language:Russian and Ukrainian, with English subtitles
Director:Beata Bubenec
Program strand:Documentaries
Rights:Beata Bubenec