Director: Sattar Chamani Gol 2017 97 Minutes Ages 15+
Golnesa Mon 15 Oct
TIX AT VENUE ONLY 08:20pm 97mins New Farm Six Cinemas

This strong first feature from a Kurdish writing and directing duo deals with an Afghani couple who have eloped, examining honour, pride and trust in relation to love.

Golnesa and Golmammad have illegally crossed from Afghanistan to Iran. They are working in a traditional brick factory on the outskirts of Tehran. The foreman has allocated them a home on the grounds, to the envy of other factory workers. But Golmammad, who considers his honour at stake, is suspicious of the foreman’s ambiguous kindness and forbids Golnesa to work or even to step outside their home. When one of her former co-workers asks her to repair a wedding dress, Golnesa dreams regretfully of the wedding she has been denied. The handsome production values, quite special location and a classical Afghani score all enhance this powerful debut.


Screening as part of ‘Iranian Cinema Now


Classification:Ages 15+
Language:Farsi, with English subtitles
Director:Sattar Chamani Gol
Producer:Sattar Chamani Gol, Yousef Karimi
Cast:Saeed Dakh, Saqi Zinati, Yeganeh Rajabi, Ali Mohammad Radmanesh
Script:Vida Salehi
Program strand:Features
Rights:Setak Film