In the Aisles

(In Den Gängen) Features
Director: Thomas Stuber 2018 125 Minutes Ages 18+
In the Aisles Sun 21 Oct
TIX AT VENUE ONLY 03:45pm 125mins New Farm Six Cinemas

In a recently reunified East Germany, sparks ignite between two supermarket co-workers in this lyrical tragicomic tale.

Socially awkward Christian, played by Franz Rogowski (who also stars in Transit), has recently joined the Beverages department. His quiet nature hides a tumultuous past. While his new job is monotonous, Christian’s crush on Marion (played by the enigmatic Sandra Hüller of Toni Erdmann 2016 fame) from the Sweets department fills his time with hope and promise. While forklifts waltz amid the cold geometry of the endless towering corridors of food products, Christian and Sandra navigate the complexities of workplace politics, friendship and romance among the social misfits who work the nightshift.


Classification:Ages 18+
Language:German, with English subtitles
Director:Thomas Stuber
Producer:Jochen Laube, Fabian Maubach
Cast:Sandra Hüller, Franz Rogowski, Peter Kurth, Henning Peker
Script:Clemens Meyer, Thomas Stuber
Program strand:Features
Rights:Beta Cinema