Knife + Heart

(Un Couteau Dans Le Coeur) Features
Director: Yann Gonzalez 2018 110 Minutes Ages 18+
Knife + Heart Fri 12 Oct
TIX AT VENUE ONLY 08:30pm 110mins Australian Cinémathèque GOMA
Knife + Heart Sat 20 Oct
TIX AT VENUE ONLY 08:45pm 110mins The Elizabeth Picture Theatre

Knife + Heart is a wild and sexy thrill ride set amid the 1970s French gay porn industry, brought to life by a lurid giallo-inspired aesthetic and a pounding soundtrack from M83.

The film’s story finds Anne (Vanessa Paradis), an alcoholic porn director, struggling to win back the love of her ex-girlfriend. After one of her actors is murdered during a visit to a nightclub, she realises that her acting troupe is under attack by a mysterious killer. Police indifference forces her to take on the investigation. Director Yann Gonzalez keeps the tension high throughout this colourful and darkly funny thriller, where the only guarantee is that the murders will get more elaborate and salacious as the killer strikes again.


Classification:Ages 18+
Language:French, with English subtitles
Director:Yann Gonzalez
Producer:Charles Gillibert
Cast:Vanessa Paradis, Nicolas Maury, Félix Maritaud, Kate Moran
Script:Cristiano Mangione, Yann Gonzalez
Program strand:Features