The Disappearance of My Mother

La scomparsa di mia madre The Creative Process
Director: Beniamino Barrese 2019 96 Minutes Ages 15+
The Disappearance of My Mother Mon 07 Oct
TIX AT VENUE ONLY 12:00pm 96mins New Farm Six Cinemas
The Disappearance of My Mother Thu 10 Oct
TIX AT VENUE ONLY 06:15pm 96mins New Farm Six Cinemas

Italian filmmaker Beniamino Barrese turns the camera on his mother, fashion model and feminist Benedetta Barzini, in this intimate portrait of a reluctant subject.

Barrese raises ethical questions about the relationship between documentarian and subject, and Barzini tolerates the presence of her son’s camera while expressing her displeasure with its inquiring lens. Despite her protests against the invasive process of filmmaking, her willingness to indulge her son results in a turbulent but compelling power struggle. Barzini left modelling behind to pursue an academic career and became an indomitable critic of the tyranny of society’s incessant objectification of people. Her greatest desire as she enters old age is: to vanish not only from the struggles of the world, but even from her own body.


Classification:Ages 15+
Language:Italian, with English subtitles
Director:Beniamino Barrese
Producer:Filippo Macelloni, Beniamino Barrese
Cast:Benedetta Barzini, Beniamino Barrese
Script:Beniamino Barrese
Program strand:The Creative Process
Rights:Autlook Filmsales