The Trial

Setting the Stage
Director: Sergei Loznitsa 2018 125 Minutes Ages 15+
The Trial Sat 05 Oct
TIX AT VENUE ONLY 01:30pm 125mins Australian Cinémathèque GOMA
The Trial Thu 10 Oct
TIX AT VENUE ONLY 03:00pm 125mins Australian Cinémathèque GOMA

An incredible insight into Joseph Stalin’s Kafka-esque show trials of the 1930s, encapsulating the power of fake news and its devastating consequences.

Inside a packed courtroom, a group of professors and economists detail their supposed involvement with the subversive Industrial Party. The tragic twist: such a party never existed, but their punishments are real and predetermined. Using original footage shot as part of a propaganda push to showcase Joseph Stalin’s Communist might, director Sergei Loznitsa has assembled a remarkable portrait of injustice and mistruth. This compelling historical document resonates with contemporary political urgency and the consequences of unchecked political force.


Classification:Ages 15+
Language:Russian, with English subtitles
Director:Sergei Loznitsa
Producer:Sergei Loznitsa, Maria Choustova-Baker
Cast:Nikolai Krylenko
Script:Sergei Loznitsa
Program strand:Setting the Stage
Rights:Atoms & Void