Woman at War

(Kona Fer Í Stríð) Features
Director: Benedikt Erlingsson 2018 101 Minutes Ages 15+
Woman at War Sun 14 Oct
TIX AT VENUE ONLY 02:00pm 101mins Reading Cinemas Newmarket
Woman at War Sun 21 Oct
TIX AT VENUE ONLY 06:00pm 101mins Event Cinemas | Brisbane City Myer Centre

Woman at War is a delightfully offbeat comedy about Halla, a 49-year-old choir director and eco-warrior, who single-handedly wages war against heavy industry in the mountains near her hometown.

Iceland’s landscape provides a stunning backdrop to this heart-warming story of a woman who is caught between continuing her crusade to save her beloved Iceland and becoming a responsible parent after receiving the surprising news that her application to adopt a child has finally been approved. Woman at War manages the seemingly impossible balance of a pitch perfect character study, gentle humour and an engagement with the effects of global warming, all the while maintaining an endearing twinkle in its eye.


Classification:Ages 15+
Country:Iceland and Ukraine
Language:Icelandic, with English subtitles
Director:Benedikt Erlingsson
Producer:Benedikt Erlingsson, Carine Leblanc, Marianne Slot
Cast:Halldóra Geirharðsdóttir, Jóhann Sigurôarson, Vala Kristin Eiriksdottir, Jörundur Ragnarsson
Script:Ólafur Egilsson, Benedikt Erlingsson
Program strand:Features
Rights:Hi Gloss Entertainment