Blind Ambition

  • Queensland Premiere
  • Robert Coe, Warwick Ross
  • Australia (2021)
  • 15+
96 min

A decade ago, Joseph, Marlvin, Pardon and Tinashe escaped Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe for the comparative safety of South Africa. There they found solace in a bottle of wine … in a good way.

A quartet of Pentecostal Christians who’d sworn off alcohol might seem like an unlikely bunch to become Africa’s most-celebrated sommeliers. But that’s the story at the heart of Blind Ambition, an enthralling tale that follows the refugees’ journey through a chaos of Johannesburg to the ‘Olympics of wine tasting’ – the World Wine Blind Testing in Burgundy, France.

Uncork a robust red and settle in for an inspirational true story, the recipient of the Tribeca Festival’s audience award for best documentary.

  • Language
    English, French, Shona
  • Director
    Robert Coe, Warwick Ross
  • Screenwriter
    Robert Coe, Warwick Ross, Madeleine Ross
  • Genre

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