Born in Flames

  • Lizzie Borden
  • USA (1983)
  • 15+
79 min

Lizzie Borden’s counter classic Born In Flames returns in a new restoration. For a long time almost impossible to see, its rebirth speaks to our moment. Filled with punkish glee, this work of feminist propaganda follows the swirling tumultuous birth of a political underground as it follows the radicalisation of disparate community underground media following the death in custody of feminist activist Adelaide Norris.

Filmed over five years on the streets of ‘80s New York, Born In Flames equates the real world of Reagan’s America with the film’s science fiction dystopia, with the film’s protagonists learning the power of their community as they protect their members and develop radical plans for changing the world.

  • Language
  • Director
    Lizzie Borden
  • Cast
    Honey, Adele Bertei, Jean Satterfield, Florynce Kennedy
  • Screenwriter
    Lizzie Borden, Ed Bowes
  • Genre
    Experimental, Politics, Sci Fi, Thriller, Women

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