The Inheritance

  • Queensland Premiere
  • Ephraim Asili
  • USA (2020)
  • 15+
100 min

One of the most significant films of 2020, The Inheritance thinks through what it means to be Black today and how this existence relates to a Black history of consciousness and liberation. Set within a West Philadelphia house, the vibrantly coloured walls become the stage for a community of young people to come together to form a collective of Black artists and activists. As they work together
to find political meaning and consensus, the film weaves their exploration of historical Black culture and politics with a documentary recollection of the Philadelphia liberation group MOVE, which was the victim of a notorious police bombing in 1985, the home turning into something akin to a mindspace for considering the existence of Blacks in the US.

Ephraim Asili’s stunning feature debut is an endlessly generative work of politics, humour, and philosophy, referencing the legacies of the Black Arts Movement and featuring Black authors and radicals, members of MOVE, as well as poets Ursula Rucker and Sonia Sanchez.

  • Language
  • Director
    Ephraim Asili
  • Cast
    Aurielle Akerele, Shirley Chisholm, Chris Jarell
  • Screenwriter
    Ephraim Asili
  • Genre
    Documentary, Drama, Experimental, Politics

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