The Scary of Sixty-First

  • Queensland Premiere
  • Dasha Nekrasova
  • USA (2020)
  • 18+
81 min

A beguiling directorial debut from Dasha Nekrasova, The Scary of Sixty-First at first glance seems like a parody horror-comedy, a film that uses the conventions of horror to make fun of or explore the conspiracies around Jeffrey Epstein, Me Too and sexual politics. And it is that (let us never speak of Prince Andrew’s wedding commemoration spoons again.) But it is more than that, Scary doesn’t just parody horror films, it learns from them.

Shot on luscious soft 16mm, with an intricate score from experimental percussionist Eli Keszler, and pinprick editing to match, The Scary of Sixty-First exists as a singular movie in and of itself, seemingly able to go in any direction it wants to follow two housemates as they move into a new apartment and begin to discover its history.

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  • Language
  • Director
    Dasha Nekrasova
  • Cast
    Madeline Quinn, Betsey Brown, Dasha Nekrasova
  • Screenwriter
    Dasha Nekrasova, Madeline Quinn
  • Genre

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