They Carry Death

  • Australian Premiere
  • Samuel M. Delgado & Helena Girón
  • Colombia, Spain (2021)
  • 18+
75 min

1492. Among the crew captained by Christopher Columbus travel three men who should have been dead by now. They have managed to avoid their sad fate by participating in this uncertain journey. When reaching the Canary Islands they flee, taking one of the ship’s sails with them. Meanwhile, in the ”Old World”, a woman tries to save her dying sister by bringing her to a healer. Both of these journeys attempt to laugh at death. Both journeys are at the mercy of history.

A superb debut from Helena Girón and Samuel M. Delgado whose experimental ethnographic- informed shorts have dug into the history of the Canary Islands, an archipelago that became an informal testing ground for colonisation and its practices. They Carry Death pits itself against the new era of colonialisation about to begin by exploring two futile attempts to ward off the future

  • Language
  • Director
    Samuel M. Delgado & Helena Girón
  • Cast
    Xoán Reices, Valentín Estévez, David Pantaleón
  • Screenwriter
    Samuel M. Delgado & Helena Girón
  • Genre
    Drama, Experimental, Period

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