Trouble in Paradise

  • Ernst Lubitsch
  • USA (1932)
  • 15+
83 min

A quintessential film in the Lubitsch oeuvre, the humour and sensuality in Trouble In Paradise is as astonishing as its profound humanity. Master jewel thieves Gaston (Herbert Marshall) and Lily (Miriam Hopkins) fall in love and become perfect partners in crime; but things get complicated when the best opportunity arises for Gaston

to seduce perfume company owner Madame Colet (Kay Francis) to rob her fortune. When Gaston develops feelings for Madame Colet, Lily is jealous, and Gaston must choose between them. Filled with the finest Lubitsch touches, this pre-Code masterpiece is a perfect exemplar of the maestro’s splendid subtlety and elegant style. Lubitsch’s resolution to the entangled and passionate love triangle leaves much aftertaste for the viewer to imagine and savour.

“…no romantic comedy could ever hope to surpass the grace, charm, wit, intricacy, and audacity of this triangular love story” – Joseph McBride, How Did Lubitsch Do It?

  • Language
  • Director
    Ernst Lubitsch
  • Cast
    Miriam Hopkins, Kay Francis, Herbert Marshall
  • Screenwriter
    Samson Raphaelson
  • Genre
    Comedy, Romance

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