• Australian Premiere
  • Kamila Andini
  • Indonesia (2021)
  • 15+
95 min

Direct from premiering at Toronto, Yuni is the third feature film from Kamila Andini, a compelling, beautiful coming of age story about gender equality and social change.

Yuni is a teenage girl — smart with big dreams of attending university. When two men she barely knows ask to marry her, she rejects their proposals, sparking gossip about a myth that a woman who rejects three proposals will never marry. The pressure is building when a third man asks for her hand, and Yuni must choose between the myth of a final chance at marriage, or her dream of future happiness.

  • Language
  • Director
    Kamila Andini
  • Cast
    Arawinda Kirana, Asmara Abigail, Sekar Sari, Marissa Anita, Dimas Aditya, Kevin Ardillova, Rukman Rosadi, Neneng Wulandari, Boah Sartika, Nazla Thoyib, Anne Yasmine, Made Aurellia
  • Screenwriter
    Kamila Andini
  • Genre

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