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Black Robe 

Set in 1634, Black Robe explores the limits of faith and the Catholic drive for conversion in the first encounters between the French Jesuits and the indigenous people of Quebec.

Bon Voyage 

A wry French adventure-comedy, Bon Voyage boasts a playful mix of intersecting plotlines involving murder, double-crosses, smuggling and spies.

Breaker Morant 

Breaker Morant, set in South Africa during the Second Boer War, recounts the compelling true story of soldiers who were court-martialled for the execution of prisoners of war.


After crafting the gangster masterpiece Goodfellas 1990, Martin Scorsese returned to the world of organised crime with this superlatively entertaining crime epic.

Driving Miss Daisy 

In Driving Miss Daisy, civil rights and the religious prejudice of America’s Deep South serve as a backdrop to the unlikely friendship between an elderly woman and her African- American chauffer.

Ladies in Black 

Director Bruce Beresford has pulled together a cast stacked with talent to tell this wickedly entertaining story set during a moment of major cultural change in Australia.

Mao’s Last Dancer 

Based on Li Cunxin’s bestselling autobiography, this film adaptation traces the extraordinary journey of a boy born in rural China who went on to become an internationally renowned ballet star.

Odd Man Out 

A gripping thriller from the director of The Third Man 1949, Odd Man Out finds James Mason as a wounded criminal slinking through the streets of Belfast after a robbery goes disastrously

The Heiress 

William Wyler’s The Heiress is a ravishingly produced melodrama in which the dowdy heiress finds herself pursued by a handsome admirer — but her father’s suspicions about this new man threaten her life of comfort.

The Passion of Joan of Arc 

Carl Theodore Dreyer’s monumental silent masterpiece is presented with a live score composed and performed by Brisbane post-rock band hazards of swimming naked.