Networking Tips

Face-to-face meetings can be daunting at the best of times and with a distinct lack of them over the last few years it might be easy to forget how to approach a networking event and use it to your advantage.
Ruby Hunter and Archie Roach
Giveaways & Competitions

Wash My Soul in the River’s Flow – Giveaway

Thanks to Bonsai Films, we have 5 double passes to give away to WASH MY SOUL IN THE RIVER’S FLOW!
Rom Com Collage

Rom-Coms: A Story of Love (or hate)

The meet-cute, the falling in love, the turmoil/soul searching and the happy ending. Popularly known as the Romantic Comedy. There are two definite camps when it comes to rom-coms. Lovers. And haters.

Dump Month: Is it even relevant anymore?

The period of time that falls outside of awards season and is at the tail-end of the festive/holiday period ie January and February usually.
Giveaways & Competitions

Benedetta Giveaway

“Nun Stories Are About to Become Your Next Pop-Culture Obsession” TIME MAGAZINE
BELLE looks to camera
Giveaways & Competitions

Belle Giveaway

WIN! Welcome to the world of U. #BELLE IN CINEMAS JAN 20 💎
We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians and first storytellers of the land on which the Brisbane International Film Festival takes place.