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2019 Patrons

We are overjoyed to welcome our Festival Patrons, Academy Award-nominated writer, director, and producer Baz Luhrmann and his collaborator of over 30 years, Academy Award-winning costume and production designer Catherine Martin.

The powerhouse duo have fused a pioneering bond which brought to the world stage a spectacle of opulence and lavish melodrama seldom seen in Australian cinema. With their extensive international presence, we are honoured to have their patronage for BIFF 2019.

Baz Luhrmann

Baz Luhrmann is a storyteller who has pioneered pop culture with his work in film, opera, theatre and music, fusing high and low culture through a unique sonic and cinematic language. Luhrmann is best known for his Red Curtain Trilogy, comprised of the films Strictly Ballroom 1992, Romeo + Juliet 1996,

and the Oscar-winning Moulin Rouge! 2001, as well as for his Oscar-winning adaptation of F Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby 2013, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Luhrmann collaborated with executive producer Jay-Z on the Gatsby soundtrack, which peaked at number one on the Billboard charts and garnered three Grammy nominations. Most recently, Luhrmann made his television debut with The Get Down 2016, a Netflix series about the birth of hip-hop, punk and disco in the 1970s South Bronx, on which Luhrmann worked with legendary artists Nas, Grandmaster Flash, Kool Herc and Kurtis Blow. Luhrmann currently lives in New York with his wife and long-time collaborator, Catherine Martin, as well as their two children, Lillian and William.

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Catherine Martin

Catherine Martin, a four-time Academy Award-winning costume and production designer, has collaborated with Baz Luhrmann for over 30 years. Martin has designed almost all of Luhrmann’s productions, including Benjamin Britten’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and a version of Puccini’s opera La Bohème. In 1992 Martin made her film debut with Luhrmann on the hugely successful Strictly Ballroom. Martin won two Academy Awards, for costume design, with co-costume designer Angus Strathie, and for art direction, for her work on Moulin Rouge! 2001.

Martin was production and costume designer and co-producer
of Luhrmann’s epic Australia 2008, production and costume designer and a producer on his film The Great Gatsby 2013, garnering two Academy Awards for both production and costume design. She was also co-costume and co-production designer on episode one of Baz Luhrmann’s Netflix original series The Get Down 2016 with Jeriana San Juan and Karen Murphy. Martin worked on the short films Chanel No. 5: The Film 2004 starring Nicole Kidman, Chanel No. 5: The One That I Want 2014 starring Gisele Bündchen and the collaboration Erdem x H&M: The Secret Life of Flowers 2017. Martin also collaborates on her homewares brand, Catherine

Martin Home, with Designer Rugs and Mokum Textiles on fabrics, carpets and wallpapers. Martin and Luhrmann are currently
in pre-production on their untitled Elvis film.

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