Industry Day 2 – Thu 28 Oct

Session 1: Filmmaking in QLD

How does an emerging artist get a film made? Funding models and other production attraction strategies.

Session 2: Along For the RIDE

Key creatives from SQ RIDE Shorts discuss the process – from their winning application, to turning that application into a film in just five months.

Session 3: Streaming Services & the Industry Impact

Panel discussion/debate about watching a film in a cinema versus streaming.

Session 4: The Art of the Documentary

What is it that makes a good documentary? Why are documentaries so strong right now?

Day 2 Full Schedule 

8:30AM Welcome
9:00AM Filmmaking in QLD
10:30AM Along for the RIDE

12:00PM Lunch Break
1:00PM Streaming Services & the Industry Impact
3:15PM The Art of Making a Documentary
4:30PM BIFF Sundowner

Day 2 of BIFF Industry Program is presented by School of Communication, Queensland University of Technology


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We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians and first storytellers of the land on which the Brisbane International Film Festival takes place.