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Browse BIFF strands – a collection of films grouped by features, documentaries and curated programs.


From acclaimed veterans to emerging talents, the feature films of BIFF 2018 shine a light on filmmakers at the forefront of contemporary cinema.


This diverse selection of documentaries reveals the world around us through portraits of engaging individuals, social changes, reflections on the horrors of war and peeks into the past.

Reconciling with the World: Asian Cinema

What makes us human? A grand question, but one of the potential answers lies in an individual’s will to transform when their desires are not in harmony with the world. In this selection of films from filmmakers across Asia, reconciliation takes many forms.

Iranian Cinema Now

For some two decades, Iranian cinema has been in the international spotlight. This vibrant national cinema seems to continually renew itself.

Voices in African Cinema

Voices in African Cinema highlights some of the vibrant and eloquent voices from the African continent.

Cinema Remix

Archive fever is upon us in 2018. This mix of five experimental and essay films are made by cinephiles. Using the collage technique their love of cinema is captured in the sheer wealth of material sampled.

Restored Revelations

Restored Revelations is a selection of cinematic works from outside the well-trodden canon, whose recent digital restorations offer an exciting opportunity to view these little-seen masterpieces for the first time in decades.

Bruce Beresford Directs

Bruce Beresford Directs highlights a small selection of films from the long, rich career of BIFF Festival Patron Bruce Beresford – from the acclaimed Australian courtroom drama Breaker Morant 1980 to Beresford’s sumptuous new release Ladies in Black 2018.

Bruce Beresford Selects

Academy Award-nominated director and writer Bruce Beresford shares with BIFF audiences some of his favourite films across cinema history.


This selection of short films from Australia and New Zealand showcases nuanced and powerful storytelling from emerging filmmaking talent.


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