24 Oct - 3 Nov 2024

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Reading Newmarket,

400 Newmarket Road, Newmarket QLD 4051
+61 7 3147 8220
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With 8 wall to wall screens including a Gold Lounge experience and the epic Titan Luxe, you really can experience the difference at Reading Cinemas Newmarket. We're bringing you luxurious armchair stadium seating, crystal clear Dolby Digital sound, and the biggest and best new release blockbuster films. Take your movie going experience to the next level with Titan Luxe - featuring recliner seats, Dolby Atmos 360° immersive sound, a massive 23 metre screen, and dine-in food menu. For that extra touch of elegance, why not visit the Gold Lounge? Enjoy our spacious lounge area and outdoor terrace, then relax in your recliner seat and treat yourself to our in-cinema food and beverage service.

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